Addiction Clinics

Addiction Clinics

Freedom from addiction IS POSSIBLE

Universal Ibogaine is creating the gold standard in addiction treatment with a state of the art holistic care model.  It is our mission to redefine the addiction treatment experience and provide relief for life.



Universal Ibogaine - Addiction Treatment Clinic

Kelburn Recovery Centre

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  • P.O.Box 399, 1293 Kelburn Road, St. Adolphe, MB R5A 1A0

Addiction Intervention Services

When your loved one is having difficulty recognizing that their substance use has become a problem, and intervention is a viable option to help them come to terms with their addiction. Interventions work by bringing the addict face-to-face with their friends and family to learn about how their substance abuse is affecting those around them. While the tension may be high, interventions can help bring about positive lifestyle and behavioural changes.

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Non­-Medical Detox Program

When a person recovers from drugs addiction, his starting life is much difficult. He has to live without drugs. Absence of drugs can create situation of stress and anxiety in him. Detox program helps him to stay away from drugs and alcohol. With this program, a person learns about creative activities to start to stay away from drugs.  Most benefit is our detox program is that it is made to meet personal’s requirements of every person.

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Inpatient Treatment Program

We have specialists that provide treatment of mental health, drug and alcohol. If you are one of that people that is addicted of these things or your family member or friend is addicted, you are looking for rehab program, then come forward to us with surety that you or your beloved one will be cured 100% with our reliable inpatient program.

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Outpatient Treatment Program

If you are addicted of drugs, alcohol or you are facing mental health issues and you are looking for Kelburn’s outpatient rehabilitation program then you have reached perfect place. Less expensive than the inpatient rehabilitation program. However, it is most suitable for those people that want to join rehabilitation program without taking leaves from their daily routine work.

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Aftercare Recovery Program

Our aftercare program was created specifically for individuals who have just completed one of our recovery programs to mitigate the risk of relapse. Each program is personalized to the individual’s needs to ensure a successful recovery. Each program will help the individual reintegrate themselves into their world without drugs or alcohol, and will help the patient with strategies to stay away from drugs. Aftercare recovery programs are vital for long-term abstinence. Recent studies have found that within two years of recovery, there is an 85 percent chance of relapse.

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All guests visiting or staying at Kelburn Retreat must sign a Confidentiality Agreement to guarantee the safety and confidentiality of all our guests.

A diverse range of experiences and first class amenities that create an environment of personal discovery and recovery.

Consulting nutritionist works together with Kelburn staff to create healthy, delicious menus that nourish the body and spirit.

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Free from Addiction

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Universal Ibogaine is dedicated to providing a world-wide solution, by initiating the new Global Standard for Addiction Treatment.

Worldwide Solution for Addiction

Kelburn Clinic

Clear Sky Clinic

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Universal Ibogaine is actively acquiring new clinics, if you require more information on how you can get involved or receive treatment, contact us using the form below.