Our Why


Addiction is a disease that impacts every individual in the world.  It plagues communities, families and governments, its toll is exhausting police, government funds and health care systems worldwide.

At Universal Ibogaine, we are all impacted by addiction, we have lost someone, we have passed it on the street, and just like you we want a solution, we believe medicalizing Ibogaine is the solution we are all seeking and are working with governments, institutions and patients to legally and medically provide a long lasting solution to a problem we can not ignore.

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Canadians with an Addiction

This very high number is consistent among developed countries that police addiction as a crime, it is a disease.  There is a solution to creating a meaningful life past addiction.  It is our mission to provide that solution to the world.

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Increase in Deaths

The increasing popularity of fentanyl as a cheaper filler to many street drugs is steadily increasing the number of accidental overdoses in many occasional and habitual drug users.

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Annual Cost to Canadian Govt

Shocking number provided by World Health Data looks at the major costs, this doesn’t include the numerous costs to communities and individuals suffering from addiction.

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of Adults

Ibogaine medicalization could provide relief of mental illness such as PTSD anxiety and depression that plagues 50% of adults.

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Addicts World-Wide

Addiction is a curable disease, it can stem from a family genetic cause, trauma or mental health issues.

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Injecting Heroin

Each one of these 45 M people are at risk of death each time they inject street drugs.

Universal Ibogaine

To treat the roots of addiction effectively using a holistic ibogaine assisted psychotherapy approach.

To bring our proven ibogaine based clinical treatment protocol to the world and help solve the international opioid crisis.

We at Universal Ibogaine hope to lead the frontier of plant based mental health medications, create a new and more effective clinical addiction treatment policy to create sustainable, renowned change in the lives of addicts and the way we as a community view addiction.

Our Solution

To medicalize Ibogaine treatments within our growing number of acquired addiction treatment facilities.

Free from Addiction

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