Freedom from addiction is possible.

Using the molecule ibogaine, delivered in a state of the art holistic care model, we can change the way we treat addiction.

Leading the Journey to Addiction Free Living

We are creating a new standard for addiction treatment using patient centred, evidence based protocols and nouveau modalities.

Overdose is the leading cause of accidental death in North America for people under 50

Now you can be part of the solution.

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Addiction Affects Us All
  • 20%

    Percentage of Canadian adults suffering from addiction

  • 35 Million

    People receiving treatment for addiction in treatment centres

  • 90%

    Relapse rate associated with current treatment modalities

  • 395%

    Annual Increase in Substance Abuse Deaths worldwide since 1999

  • 93%

    Increase in overdose deaths amongst First Nations communities in BC (2019-2020)

  • $ 2.93 Trillion

    The cost of the Opioid Crisis in the USA from 2015-2018

What is Ibogaine?

Recognized as a powerful addiction interrupter

  • Ibogaine is a naturally-occurring molecule derived from the root bark of the iboga tree and other plants. It is a potent and serious medical psychedelic which has addiction interrupting properties.

  • Ibogaine has a “Prescription Drug List” status in Canada (vs. Schedule 1 in the US) facilitating research and development toward medicalization.

  • Ibogaine targets multiple receptors across multiple sites in the brain and metabolizes into noribogaine, a serotonin re-uptake inhibitor that remains in the body for 1-4 months, associated with elimination of addictive cravings.

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What is Ibogaine?

How does it work?

Ibogaine targets multiple receptor sites in the brain when It manages dopamine and serotonin circuits & may stimulate new brain cell growth. This creates an opportunity to change behaviours. Paired with our treatment protocol, Ibogaine alleviates withdrawal symptoms and interrupts the process of active addiction.

About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to redefine the addiction recovery experience, providing those living with addiction the best possible recovery.

While seeking to move Ibogaine through Clinical Trials in Canada, we are building a network of holistic recovery clinics and a state of the art treatment program centred around new treatment modalities.

About Us
Nick Karos
Nick Karos
Chief Executive Officer

Nick Karos, Chief Executive Officer / Director of Capital Markets

As Director of Capital Markets, Nick Karos is a seasoned financier based in Los Angeles. His background includes senior roles with US investment banks and as CEO of Private Trading Group. Mr. Karos is focused on expanding awareness of UI in the US-based investment community including institutional investors, family offices, high net worth individuals and investment advisors, securing sources of expansion capital, as well as identifying business development opportunities in the addiction treatment industry.

Greg Leavens
Greg Leavens
Chief Financial Officer

Greg Leavens – Chief Financial Officer

Greg Leavens, CPA CA – a Calgary based financial executive (past CFO and Controller roles) with 30 years experience in public accounting and industry, including the oil & gas exploration / production and service sectors. Greg started his career with KPMG, and has extensive experience in leadership, strategic planning, due diligence reviews, financing, forecasting, financial reporting, treasury and risk management, and regulatory compliance.

Ian Rabb
Dr. Ian Rabb
Chief Clinics Officer

Dr Ian Rabb – Chief Clinics Officer

Dr Ian Rabb is one of the most recognized and respected leaders in Addiction Treatment in Canada today. Dr. Ian Rabb is a certified Interventionist and addictions specialist who has helped thousands of people overcome addiction.

Colleen Cladening
Colleen Clandening
Director, Operations

Colleen Clandening – Director, Operations

Colleen Clandening utilizes her passion to give back and her expertise in business development to facilitate true collaboration and win win outcomes. Colleen is a true visionary and entrepreneur. Colleen upholds the core value of “shared leadership” throughout her career. Colleen works across multiple sectors including; entertainment, design build, retail, manufacturing, real estate, government, and non- profits. She is committed to fitness...physical, mental and spiritual.

Hirpal Hundial

Dugan Selkirik
Dugan Selkirk
Communications & Investor Relations

Dugan Selkirk – Communications & Investor Relations

Dugan has enjoyed a 15 year entrepreneurial career including founding roles in media and health companies, he began consulting to start-ups to help develop their go to market strategy and attract financing to implement. Dugan is an Exempt Market Dealing Rep, and a CFA Candidate. He also operates a developmental lending program for entrepreneurs with disabilities, many of whom experience mental health and addiction challenges.

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About Us

Our Path Forward

Universal Ibogaine intends to acquire a network of addiction treatment clinics, licensing our treatment protocols to best in class treatment providers around the globe.



Clinic Acquisition

Acquire & Optimize program delivery




Clinical Trials in Canada




Education, Awareness, and Ongoing Care




Acquire, Operate & License Care Facilities

Now is your chance to be part of the solution

The safety protocol developed at our research partner clinic has successfully aided over 3700 people with zero ibogaine fatalities. This is a revolution.

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Travis Hayes
Ibogaine Treatment
True Success Story
Claudio Naranjo
Ibogaine Treatment
True Success Story

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