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Universal Ibogaine Team

We have assembled a world-class team of Drug Development, Clinic Operations and Financial Experts.

At Universal Ibogaine, we have assembled a seasoned, expert team of professionals with a strong vision. Our team is made up of respected, qualified professionals with specializations in areas of science, medicine, business, and finance. Our team uniquely enables us to navigate the way forward in addressing today’s addiction crisis with medicalized ibogaine.


Shayne Nyquvest


Shayne Nyquvest is the former Executive Vice President of Mackie Research Capital and a founding member of the Canaccord Genuity Group. Nyquvest can personally vouch for the transformational effects of ibogaine and aims to see this treatment adopted by the mainstream medical community as an answer to the opioid epidemic.

Dr. Alberta Sola

Dr. Alberto Sola, MD

Co-Founder & Director

Dr. Alberto Solà is a board certified emergency medicine physician and the head of medical operations in the Clear Sky Recovery Centre in Cancun. Clear Sky is a key Research Partner Clinic for Universal Ibogaine.

Dr Sola is a thought leader in entheogenic treatment. He has the distinction of having treated more patients with ibogaine than any other person in the world.


Our mission is to bring our goals to fruition, our collective experience and fields of expertise make us uniquely capable.

Dr Rami Batal CEO Universal Ibogaine

Dr. Rami Batal, Pharm.D

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Rami Batal is the incoming CEO of Universal Ibogaine. He is a seasoned biopharmaceutical industry executive and a healthcare professional who has a passion for, and expertise and experience in, neuropsychiatry and mental health/behavioral health illnesses, including substance use disorders.

Greg Leavens CPA Universal Ibogaine CFO

Greg Leavens, CPA

Chief Financial Officer

Greg Leavens, CPA CA – a Calgary based financial executive (past CFO and Controller roles) with 30 years experience in public accounting and industry, including the oil & gas exploration / production and service sectors.  Greg started his career with KPMG, and has extensive experience in leadership, strategic planning, due diligence reviews, financing, forecasting, financial reporting, treasury and risk management, and regulatory compliance.

Dr Ian Rabb Chief Clinics Officer Universal Ibogaine

Dr. Ian Rabb O.D.

Chief Clinics Officer

Dr Ian Rabb is one of the most recognized and respected leaders in Addiction Treatment in Canada today.  Dr. Ian Rabb is a certified Interventionist and addictions specialist who has helped thousands of people overcome addiction. 


Our mission is to bring our goals to fruition, our collective experience and fields of expertise make us uniquely capable.

Chief Ian Campbell

Chief Ian Campbell, MBA


Chief Ian Campbell is a hereditary chief of the Squamish Nation located in Vancouver, British Columbia. He has served as an elected member of council since 2005, and was appointed as a Political Spokesperson in 2008. Since 1999 he has been the Cultural Ambassador and Negotiator for the Intergovernmental Relations Department of the Squamish Nation, advancing Aboriginal rights and title, while invigorating substantive economic opportunities through negotiations, collaboration, and partnerships.

Dr. Alberta Sola

Dr. Alberta Sola, MD

CoFounder & Director

Dr. Alberto Solà is a board certified emergency medicine physician and the head of medical operations in the Clear Sky Recovery Centre in Cancun. Clear Sky is a key Research Partner Clinic for Universal Ibogaine.

Dr Sola is a thought leader in entheogenic treatment. He has the distinction of having treated more patients with ibogaine than any other person in the world.

Robert Turner, MBA

Robert Turner, ICD.D, MBA


Mr. Turner is President of his own incorporated consulting firm and a Principal within Western Management Consultants (WMC). His consulting focus is providing guidance to Boards on their governance including proper CEO oversight. Mr. Turner brings experience as a CHRO in both the private and public sectors and Canadian health care. Robert has served on Universal Ibogaine’s Advisory Board since December 2019. Robert has an ICD.D certification from Rotman Business School, an MBA from the Ivey Business School and a BSc (Biochemistry) from the University of Toronto.

Marilyn Mauritz

Marilyn Mauritz, ICD.D, JD


Marilyn Loewen Mauritz is a senior corporate executive with over 25 years of experience in diverse industries. From 2015 to January 2021, Ms. Mauritz held several senior executive positions at Central 1 Credit Union, a leading provider of financial, digital banking and payment solutions, including serving as the interim Chief Executive Officer. Most recently, she served as Central 1’s Chief Transformation & Legal Officer, where she led the Legal, Compliance, Governance, Strategy, Information Technology and Government Relations teams. Prior to joining Central 1, she was General Counsel and Corporate Secretary at Interfor Corporation, supporting several multi-million growth transactions. She currently serves on the Board of YWCA of Greater Vancouver, chairing the Governance and Nominating Committee. From February 2017 to January 2021, she served as an independent director on the Board of The Co-operators and was a member of the Conduct Review and Governance Committee. Marilyn obtained her Bachelor of Law degree from the University of Calgary and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from McMaster University. She is a graduate of the Institute of Corporate Directors, ICD.D.

Anthony DeCristofaro

Anthony DeCristofaro


Anthony DeCristofaro is currently CEO of Qnext Corp., a global developer of disruptive apps and private cloud technologies, and his extensive experience includes thirty years in the computer industry and three M&A transactions valued at more than $600 million.  Over the course of his career, DeCristofaro has been sought out as a member of several high-profile public Boards, including Hartco, Delrina, Synchronica, and TransGaming.  He also currently serves on the Board of Directors of Jack Nathan Medical Corp.

Previously he was President and CEO of iseemedia Inc. which merged with Synchronica in 2010, and was also CEO and founder of MGI Software Corp. (“MGI”). Anthony has an international business and technology background, building disruptive technologies into best-in-category companies for more than 30 years.  DeCristofaro steered MGI’s market cap value on the TSE to over $1 billion, and later merged MGI with Roxio in 2002.  Prior to MGI Mr. DeCristofaro was a founding board member of Delrina and Vice President/General Manager of AST Canada, in addition to founding computer equipment manufacturer NEC Canada.

David Danziger, CPA, CA

David Danziger, CPA, CA


David Danziger is Senior Vice President, Assurance & National Leader, Public Companies of MNP LLP, Chartered Professional Accountants (“MNP”), Canada’s fifth largest accounting firm.  He is a member of the firm’s management team and responsible for providing leadership and direction to MNP’s Assurance practice across Canada. David has extensive experience in both Canada and USA public market transactions and leverages significant expertise, having served as a director on many public companies listed on the TSX, the TSX Venture, the CSE and the New York Stock Exchange.

Mr. Danziger serves in both the audit function and as a compliance adviser to various public companies, and private firms looking to go public in Canada and in the USA.  David has spent the last 18 years almost exclusively working with public company clients in a variety of industries, and advising on numerous complex and public market transactions, regulatory issues, and prospectus filings.


The Universal Ibogaine advisor team spans expansive fields of expertise.

Hirpal Hundial

Hirpal Hundial

Nursing Advisor

Hirpal has over 30 years of health care leadership experience focused on clinical practice in high acuity settings, curriculum development and delivery for registered nurses and regularly serves the Supreme Court of B.C. as an expert on standard of care. Hirpal has worked closely with Health Canada to facilitate upcoming clinical trials for ibogaine in Canada. Hirpal is a graduate the University of British Columbia with her Master of Science in Nursing (Hons) and is certified by the Canadian Patient Safety Institute. Her recent research on critical thinking in the face of complexity has been internationally recognized. Hirpal is committed to developing more comprehensive and holistic systems of care for those suffering from addiction.

Frank Albo PhD

Dr. Frank Albo Ph.D

Indigenous Relations

Dr. Frank Albo is an internationally recognized historian and a leading authority on coded language systems in art and architecture. He holds a PhD and MPhil in the history of architecture from the University of Cambridge; an MA in ancient Near Eastern languages and culture from the University of Toronto; and a BA in religious studies and anthropology from the University of Winnipeg. A two-time bestselling author, Dr. Albo has acted as a consultant for the government of Kazakhstan, the Prince’s Regeneration Trust in the UK., as well as the world’s leading design firms, including Foster + Partners, BuroHappold, and Thinc Design. Dr. Albo currently doubles as a visiting professor at the universities of Winnipeg and Manitoba, where he focuses on prehistoric Indigenous studies.

Theo Fleury

Theo Fleury

Resilience, Leadership, Empowerment

Theo Fleury is perhaps best known for his time on the ice. But off the rink, his life once carried the markings of a troubled childhood, abuse and coping with emotional pain through addictive and self-destructive behaviours. Today, Theo defines himself as a victor over trauma and addiction, and a facilitator to those still trying to find their way. His best-selling books, Playing with Fire and Conversations with a Rattlesnake, encourage open sharing and provide practical tools that people seeking help can personally use. These tools are also useful to those who want to lead a productive conversation, called “Real Conversations”, with anybody else experiencing trauma.

Coleen Clandening

Colleen Clandening, BscBM

Community Relations

Colleen Clandening utilizes her diverse range of experiences and achievements to innovate at the intersection of community, creativity, and client relationships. She upholds the core value of shared leadership to develop plans, implement targeted communication, outreach, and advocacy strategies to advance the quality of life in communities. She is the CEO of Zane David Enterprises Inc., a business consultancy


Together we can create a new Global Standard for Addiction Treatment.

Partner with Indigenous Leaders


We partner with the Indigenous community leaders who share our beliefs in Ibogaine medicalization and mission.



Partnering with Veteran Associations who share our experiences and hope to medicalize Ibogaine.



Partnering with academia to share studies, in order to prove the efficacy and sustainable results.



Sponsorship in sharing the experience with medicalized Ibogaine.



Media is enabling us to share evidence, studies and stories that impact us.


Ibogaine events bring together the thought leaders and advocates of Ibogaine.



Working in partnership with NGO to resolve the crisis.


Working in partnership with Industry leaders to resolve the crisis.

Working in partnership with Iboquest to medicalize Ibogaine.