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Current treatment options for opioid and other forms of addiction do not work for most people. What’s missing is the ability to fast track the withdrawal process. Ibogaine – a molecule found in Tabernanthe iboga and many other plants – offers the opportunity for a rapid detox. In combination with an effective therapeutic setting, ibogaine offers the opportunity to live the good life again, free from addiction. Our goal is to provide safe, effective and affordable ibogaine treatment internationally this decade.

Why go public now? To enable public participation in an ibogaine-focused company incorporating: 



Clinical Trials Application underway


Conventional detox clinics in operation in 2021


Phase 2 Clinical Trials begin in 2022


Multi-site, multi-country Phase 3 Clinical Trials begin in Q1 2022 (current target: Canada, Australia, New Zealand)

 Our balance between medical expertise, corporate know-how, and capital markets understanding means we are well set for success.


Financials will be available once they are filed and we are a fully reporting publicly traded company.

We are currently completing a Subscription Receipt Qualifying Transaction, with the aim of becoming a public company in Q3 2021.

Being publicly owned allows everyone to be a part of the solution and enables us to obtain required funding for clinical trials in Canada and overseas

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Chief Ian Campbell

Chief Ian Campbell, MBA


Dr. Alberta Sola

Dr. Alberta Sola, Ph.D

CoFounder & Director

Marilyn Mauritz

Marilyn Mauritz


Robert Turner, MBA

Robert Turner, MBA


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