Psychedelic Summit

2021-02-25T06:33:24-08:00February 25th, 2021|Ibogaine Events|

HEALTH. BUSINESS. LEGALIZATION. THE TIME HAS COME The August 2020 landmark decision by Health Canada allowing four terminally ill patients to use psilocybin signals a shift in the perception of psychedelics as a legitimate medical and therapeutic solution. Combined with a growing interest in the space among the general public and the emergence of companies engaged in everything from legal [...]

Ibogaine Masterclass

2021-02-19T06:03:09-08:00February 19th, 2021|Ibogaine Events|

Discover the Agenda KEYNOTE: THE EVOLUTION OF IBOGAINE TREATMENT Patrick Kroupa Chief Psychedelic OfficerBetterLife PharmaPatrick Kroupa has over 20 years of experience working with a wide spectrum of psychedelic. KEYNOTE: IBOGAINE TREATMENT IN THE TIME OF COVID-19 Jeremy Weate Universal IbogaineJeremy has a decade-long interest in the medicalization of ibogaine in a holistic treatment. CLINICAL RESEARCH: LATEST FINDINGS [...]

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